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January 25, 2015
Top 3 Website Updates You Need to Make Now

Top 3 Website Updates You Need to Make Now

In presidential politics, there’s one saying that rules them all: “As Iowa goes, so goes the nation.” In the SEO, marketing, content, and really, the entire business worlds, the saying is more like, “As Google goes, so goes theentire globe.” In fact, when Google announces a future date for their next algorithm release, discussion boards and industry blogs explode with nervous speculation about what the changes will do to the online health of their brand. And it’s no wonder, as a single Google update can instantaneously move a brand from the first page of search results to a less than ideal location 15 pages in.

But you needn’t let Google algorithm updates take you by surprise. In preparation for Google’s April 21st new release, we’re offering our best tips both for getting your site ready, and for ensuring you’re following the best practices already in place.

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